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Security Alarms

WirePro, Inc. takes pride in providing home and business security you can trust. From installation to monitoring, WirePro, Inc. will work with you to design a system that is sophisticated, yet simple-to-use. To assure long-term reliable performance, we work with only the best components from leaders in the security industry such as NetworX by CADDX Controls, Inc.


How Your Security System Works...
NetworX uses a combination of door and window sensors, glass breakage sensors, and interior motion sensors to detect unauthorized entry. The keypad control is the interface for the various sensors connected to the NetworX NX-8. When a low level of security is desired, the "Chime" feature can be used to produce a pleasant ding-dong sound through each keypad control when an exterior door or window is opened. When a higher level of security is needed, the system can be "Armed" so a loud siren will sound if a sensor is activated. Sensors on doors that are used for entry and exit have a delay time allowing you to leave and re-enter while the system is "Armed."

For maximum perimeter protection during occupancy, these delays can be omitted with the press of a button, and interior motion sensors can be bypassed to allow freedom of movement inside the home or business. With the NetworX NX-8's built-in digital communicator, alarms can be immediately reported to a "Central Monitoring Station" which is staffed 24 hours a day, ready to report a burglary, fire, or panic condition to the proper authorities.




Emergency Keys
These keys can be programmed to call the
necessary personnel if an emergency occurs.
A two-second key press feature reduces the
likelihood of false activation.


Function Keys
We've made the NX-8 the simplest security system to operate. Five specialized buttons perform the most common functions–with one touch. It couldn't be easier to use and understand!

Stay: Arm your system and stay inside the protected area. The interior zones will automatically bypass to allow freedom of movement within the protected area.

Chime: Press this button to turn the "Chime" feature on or off . When on, a pleasant ding-dong sound will let you know that a door or window has been opened.

Exit: When you want to arm your system and leave, simply press the EXIT button and leave through a designated exit door. Your system will be fully armed. If your system was armed in the "Stay" mode, this button can also be used to restart a delay time to let your guests leave without having to disarm, and rearm your system.

Bypass: Bypassing of zones has never been easier than with the BYPASS key of your system.

Cancel: If you accidentally create an alarm, just press the CANCEL key followed by your personal security code.


Protection Zone
These yellow lights indicate the condition of the individual zones in your security system. If a zone light is off, it means that the zone is secure. A zone light flashes when a door or window is open or a sensor is violated in that zone. When a zone is bypassed, the light remains on to show you that it is inactive.
Code Entry Keypad
You enter your personal code on the simple telephone-like touch pad. Your code can have 4 digits, or for even more security, 6 digits. The audible tone at each key press is adjustable to your own liking, and the glowing backlit keys make code entry error-free even in a darkened room.